GOAT Guide #3 : The Mind Is Primary

The Mind Is Primary

People walk into our doors scared or nervous because they hear about "the workouts." They hear they are hard. To be honest, it's not the workouts. It's the framework for self discovery and exploration of effort that makes things hard.

Exploration of effort! We like to see people work hard when it's appropriate and at other times be in control and thoughtful with their effort and exertion. Some people automatically get the physical exertion piece. They have no problem pushing themselves in a gym setting, on a bike, in their sport. They almost revel in it. Masochistic? They get joy out of making themselves sore from workouts and love to beat down their bodies. This is not ideal. Then we have another type of person: for these folks it has been a long time since they felt uncomfortable. They fear going to the edge of the cliff, when... [more]


GOAT GUIDE #2: Trust The Process

Trust The Process

We are continuing to refresh our members with the GOAT Guide: our vision, purpose and methodology of GOAT.  Periodization gives us a framework for our year of training, but we also need to discuss the “whys.”  There is a purpose and a meaning to our workouts, and when you approach a workout with your eyes open, you may find it easier to muster the motivation.

Patience.  Strength does not happen over night.  We want our training to build - create a foundation and safely build on it.  

If your goal is to get stronger, this must happen.  If your goal is to keep your strength, this must happen.  If you are fighting age and want to keep muscle mass, this must happen.  The "sweaty" workouts will not achieve this and the current fitness trends will not achieve this.  Will they improve your cardiovascular fitness?  Potentially, but they can't be... [more]


GOAT Guide #1: The Gym Is Not A Sport

I want to revisit the "GOAT Guide", which outlines the building blocks of our gym.  We have many new members, and this will be a good reminder for old members of our purpose.  Our method and practice is important to discuss as we feel we are not your normal gym.  We are a small strength and conditioning gym in a mountain town.  We have a periodized program that changes according to the seasons and the mountain sports we all love to take part in. 

Most people live here intentionally, appreciating and loving to engage with the environment and the surroundings.  That means you like to be active.  Some of you are professional athletes and some of you are recreational athletes.  We say "The Gym Is Not A Sport."  We train in the gym to either improve professionally or train to maintain our engagement and health for years to come.  

Strength training... [more]