I want to revisit the “GOAT Guide”, which outlines the building blocks of our gym.  We have many new members, and this will be a good reminder for old members of our purpose.  Our method and practice is important to discuss as we feel we are not your normal gym.  We are a small strength and conditioning gym in a mountain town.  We have a periodized program that changes according to the seasons and the mountain sports we all love to take part in. 

Most people live here intentionally, appreciating and loving to engage with the environment and the surroundings.  That means you like to be active.  Some of you are professional athletes and some of you are recreational athletes.  We say “The Gym Is Not A Sport.”  We train in the gym to either improve professionally or train to maintain our engagement and health for years to come.  

Strength training is our primary focus.  Endurance sports and age can create a loss of muscle mass, and if you don’t create a positive stress by loading the body then you will lose that muscle mass.  The means of creating a positive stress can vary, but eventually we like people to get under a barbell.  We use kettlebells and bodyweight movements, but after 6-8 weeks these methods of training do not have a strength response on a trainee.  The weight is not enough, so it turns into a conditioning method for our seasoned athletes.  We believe the barbell is the safest and best method to create a positive stress response.  Then strength happens!

We ask everyone in our gym to create a positive stress on the body through the 4 major lifts (The Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and Strict Press), but each person’s weight will be drastically different.  Does the professional cyclist need to deadlift 400 lbs?  Maybe? but maybe not?  All we care about is that each person gets stronger with proper technique.  My weight will differ from Laura’s, and Brent’s will differ from mine.  Someone who has only been training with us for 6 weeks with no prior lifting experience will be different than all of ours.  If we are all working through full range of motion, proper depth and choosing the appropriate weight for each individual then we all achieve the goal of getting stronger than before.  Goal: Create a stronger version of me.

Once we have built strength, we build the mind (which we will discuss another time), then we condition the cardiovascular system (aerobic and anaerobic), but you cannot forget to practice your sport.  Just because you come to GOAT and train does not make you a good skier, a fast runner, or a great paddler.  You must actively do your sport!  Do we participate in sport-specific movements like ski conditioning in our gym?  Sometimes.  

We will do a limited amount of ski conditioning the next 4 weeks.  I like the psychological benefits we see with sports specific movements in the gym; we do not program it for strength benefits.   Four weeks that’s it? I know its much less than you would expect a gym in a ski town to be doing, but we like it that way and I believe our bodies will too.  Our typical gym member is generally fitter than most, but this tends to bring previous injuries from an active or athletic lifestyle – knee injuries, hip injuries and shoulder injuries.  They have played hard for years and their bodies show it…More pointless ski conditioning movements in the gym can create more aches and pains than needed.  Just because Lindsey Vonn does loads of ski conditioning exercises and balance work on her social media does not make her a great skier.  I’m pretty sure she’s just a badass skier.  You may not see all the big squats and heavy deadlifts on her Instagram posts because that’s not as interesting for most people to watch.


  1. Warmup-
  2. 250m row 
  3. Wall SquatX10
  4. Gob Squat X10
  5. 250 m Ski 
  6. Dead Hang
  7. Double KB Press X10
  1. Strength at 90% of 5 rep max
  2. 3X5 Back Squat
  3. 3×5 Bench Press
  4. 1X5 Deadlift
  1. Conditioning
  2. 5 min AMRAP
  3. 10 Sandbag Step-ups 
  4. 10 Explosive step Switch 


  1. “I Go, You Go” with partner (5 MINS)
  2. 2 Laps Heavy Sled- Push/Pull


  1. Back to Individual (5 MINS)
  2. Plank work
  3. 1 min Plank
  4. 1 Min Side Plank
  5. 1 Min Plank
  6. 1 min Side plank
  7. 1 min Plank