Trust The Process

We are continuing to refresh our members with the GOAT Guide: our vision, purpose and methodology of GOAT.  Periodization gives us a framework for our year of training, but we also need to discuss the “whys.”  There is a purpose and a meaning to our workouts, and when you approach a workout with your eyes open, you may find it easier to muster the motivation.

Patience.  Strength does not happen over night.  We want our training to build – create a foundation and safely build on it.  

If your goal is to get stronger, this must happen.  If your goal is to keep your strength, this must happen.  If you are fighting age and want to keep muscle mass, this must happen.  The “sweaty” workouts will not achieve this and the current fitness trends will not achieve this.  Will they improve your cardiovascular fitness?  Potentially, but they can’t be the only thing you do if gaining strength or maintaining strength is the goal.  

Everyone’s view of a “fun” workout may differ.  Group workouts, team workouts or “sweaty” workouts can be more fun, but in the end are they what you need?  There is a time and a place for those, but more often than not a good 3×5 squat program is more beneficial long term.  A good 3×5 program can become “fun”.   Can you add 5 lbs to your squat each week?  Can you improve depth, range of motion and quality of the motion each week.  How can you find as much excitement in a 3×5 program as a team 5000 meter ski relay or a circuit “go-go-go” sweaty workout?  Keeping a journal of your progress may be the answer.  When you look back in 6 months to a year, what will you see?

Ok, let’s talk about goals briefly.  We all have different goals and in the coming weeks we will delve into this further as a community.  Set a goal and let’s figure out the best approach toward that goal.  The gym is a small segment and our workouts provide an opportunity for each individual to become stronger and more conditioned for activities outside the gym. 

Someone that wants to lose weight will need to approach our gym one way.  Someone that wants to do a pull-up for the first time will need to have another approach.  Someone that wants to qualify for the Xterra World Championships will need different steps to achieve their goal.  We all have something in common…we all need a strength foundation.

Be careful…Do not get sucked into other fitness trends, other gym methodologies, or societal pressures that preach anything else.  A good old fashioned strength program always wins.  I know it’s not trendy.  It might not be “sexy”, but it works. 

I’ve trained and taught many “trendy” training programs in the fitness industry. I’ve paid the price. They only left me sore, in pain, and less fit than where I am today.




  1. 3X5 Low Bar back Squat
  2. 3X5 Military Press
  3. 1X5 Deadlift


4 rounds of 15 Swings to 4 Heavy Sleds

Ski conditioning- 8 min of weighted Step Ups to Sandbag Getups

4 rounds of 35# plate Russian Twists and 1 min Plank (elbows)