John Mark Seelig

  • Crossfit Level I
  • Crossfit Mobility
  • Gym Jones Level 2
  • Courses: Starting Strength Seminar, StrongFirst KB

John Mark Seelig’s experiences and education are expansive and strange at times, just ask him.  But, sports and training have always been a passion.  Growing up playing every sport possible was just the beginning.   As a long time raft guide, ski patroller and mountain biker his body finally started shutting down.  After 7 knees surgeries and 2 hand surgeries, he re-discovered the gym as a training ground for his true love…the Outdoors.  He was able to overcome his injuries and excel to a level he never expected.  Becoming a member of the US Men’s Rafting Team was just the beginning.  John Mark has been involved in fitness since 2000 teaching yoga.  The bulk of his education and experience truly started to develop in 2012 with becoming a Manic Training instructor,  Crossfit Level 1 and  Crossfit Mobility.  Being intrigued with Gym Jones in Salt Lake, UT, John Mark Seelig completed a Gym Jones Level 1 Seminar and his visions and goals for GOAT were solidified.  His education will continue with Gym Jones and others that inspire his pursuits.

Laura Seelig

  • StrongFirst SFG I, II
  • StrongFirst SFL
  • Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor

Laura Seelig is a wife, a mom, a dog lover, and a trainer.  Growing up in gymnastics, athletics, and in the training room with her dad, Laura found a love for fitness, health and helping others.  Laura's broad education in the field of exercise helps train the everyday man/woman, the young athlete, the mom trying to return to normalcy after 3 c-sections and the aging athlete.  Personally, the gym has become a venue to develop her own skills and strength for mountain biking and skiing.  Life has changed for the better as a mom and makes her passion for strength and conditioning stronger.  The Vail Valley breeds women, moms, and wives that secretly enjoy competing and pushing themselves to the next level - Athletes.  After having her own child, Laura has developed a passion for post-pregnancy training and getting women back to their inner athlete.   

Mike Dorr

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Gym Jones Level 1
  • Course trainings: TRX, StrongFirst KB

Katie Krall


Brooke Delvecchio

  • StrongFirst SFG I
  • Gym Jones Level 1

Rebecca Curtis

  • Crossfit Level 1

Brent Redden

    Mikey Hovey

    • MovNat Level 1,2,3

    Kristina Koznick

      The Goat Approach

      The Gym is not a Sport!
      Trust the Process
      The Mind is Primary
      Nutrition, well it’s a huge deal!
      Believe in Yourself!
      Community happens when there is a common goal!
      Have a Goal!!
      No such thing as over training, just under recovery
      Strict is Stronger
      Don’t compete, Inspire
      Pick what you hate.
      Laugh at Yourself!

      Simple Nutrition Rules*

      Eat to perform and with purpose
      Real Food is best!
      Don’t drink Calories
      Alcohol?  it has it’s definite disadvantages 

      *From Gym Jones


      We have learned and continue to learn from so many.  These people and organizations teach us, inspire us, and help us grow.  As we journey down this path, we hope to continue finding others that support, teach, and inspire us.
      Gym Jones
      Starting Strength
      Manic Training

      Mountain Athlete
      Howard Head Sports Medicine - Luke, Anna, Brooke, Stephanie and so many others
      Dr. Thomas Clanton with The Steadman Clinic
      Dr. Scott Wacker with Movement Physical Therapy
      Yoga Friends from here and there
      Our amazing friends and family