• Barbell Medicine
  • Crossfit Level 1,Mobility
  • Gym Jones Level 2
  • Starting Strength Seminar
  • StrongFirst KB

John Mark Seelig’s experiences and education are expansive and strange at times, just ask him. But, sports and training have always been a passion. As a long time raft guide, ski patroller and mountain biker his body finally started shutting down. After 7 knees surgeries and 2 hand surgeries, he re-discovered the gym as a training ground for his true love…the Outdoors. He was able to overcome his injuries and excel to a level he never expected. Becoming a member of the US Men’s Rafting Team was just the beginning. John Mark has been involved in fitness since 2000. Early on, his education and experience was influenced by Gym Jones, Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Mobility, Manic Training and even yoga. In the more recent years, he has developed his skills as a coach through attending a Starting Strength Seminar and working with a coach through Barbell Medicine. Dr. Jordan Feigenbaum, who has become John Mark’s coach, continues to influence his methods and practices. Whether it be training for an outrigger canoe race in the ocean, attempting to break a speed run through the Grand Canyon in under 36 hours, or raft racing internationally, John Mark applies his own training experiences into his gym programming.


  • StrongFirst SFG I, II
  • StrongFirst SFL
  • Gym Jones Fully Certified Instructor

Laura Seelig is a wife, a mom, a dog lover, and a coach.  Growing up in gymnastics, on the softball field, and in the training room with her dad, Laura found a love for fitness, health and helping others.  Laura’s broad education in the field of exercise helps train the everyday man/woman, the young athlete, the mom trying to return to normalcy after 3 c-sections and the aging athlete.  Personally, the gym has become a venue to develop her own skills and strength for mountain biking and skiing.  Life has changed for the better as a mom and makes her passion for strength and conditioning stronger.  The Vail Valley breeds women, moms, and wives that secretly enjoy competing and pushing themselves to the next level – Athletes.  After having her own child, Laura has developed a passion for getting women back to their inner athlete.


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Gym Jones Level 1
  • TRX, StrongFirst KB, Barbell Medicine

Mike was a highly active person growing up excelling in basketball, cross country, and track. In 1995, he moved to Colorado and started snowboarding. Mike gained weight starting in 2000 from drinking, partying and getting away from fitness – he found himself at 215lbs. Mike moved away from the mountains to help his family and help himself. Becoming sober in 2008 led to big changes in 2009 with a resurgence of health, dropping 55lbs in 6 months. Mike moved back to CO training himself for an active lifestyle then started training others in 2013. With his new leash on life and fitness, Mike started training specifically for mountain events. He has competed in Xterra Triathlons (off road), trail running races, and mountain bike races. Mike enjoys training all ages and abilities. He specifically enjoys programming for running, strength and conditioning, and triathlons.

– 4 time Xterra World championship qualifier

– 2017 Xterra Pan Am Champion (40-44)

– 2017 Xterra American Champ (40-44)

– 2017 Xterra Pan Am Tour Champ (40-44)

– 2018 Xterra Pan Am runner up (40-44)


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)
  • APTA Board-Certified Orthopaedic Certified Specialist (OCS)
  • StrongFirst SFG II
  • Gym Jones Level 1
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) Level 1
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Level 1
  • Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level 1

Born and raised in North Dakota, Brooke moved to the mountains of Colorado in 2002, where she worked as a whitewater raft guide and bartender before returning to graduate school to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy. She has been working as a physical therapist at Howard Head Sports Medicine in Vail since 2010 and is a former member of the Women’s US National Whitewater Rafting Team. Outside of work, she enjoys paddleboarding, mountain biking, ski touring and camping. Brooke joined the GOAT team as a coach in 2015 and thoroughly enjoys being part of such a driven and supportive community. She believes in the importance of setting goals and having a plan to progress toward those goals. Brooke understands the importance of an active lifestyle for those in our community and is constantly inspired by those around her.




  • Crossfit Level 1


  • Gym Jones Level 1
  • Courses: StrongFirst Kettlebell Course, Fit to Fire

As a Father, and occupational athlete Brent trains to be the best at both for as long as possible. Growing up in Round Rock, Texas Brent moved to Colorado in his twenties to pursue a job in the ski industry. Brent was drawn to physically demanding jobs, serving as a ski patroller (15 yrs) and a full-time firefighter (10 yrs). Over the years, Brent learned the importance that fitness has on job performance, durability, and longevity. Brent is passionate about coaching and helping others realize their full potential even if it means getting uncomfortable. This has helped him grow as a leader, mentor, friend and father.


The Gym is not a Sport!
Trust the Process
The Mind is Primary
Nutrition, well it’s a huge deal!
Believe in Yourself!
Community happens when there is a common goal!
Have a Goal!!
No such thing as over training, just bad programming
Strict is Stronger
Don’t compete, Inspire
Laugh at Yourself!


We have learned and continue to learn from so many.  These people and organizations teach us, inspire us, and help us grow.  As we journey down this path, we hope to continue finding others that support, teach, and inspire us.
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Starting Strength
Manic Training
Barbell Medicine
Mountain Athlete
Howard Head Sports Medicine – Luke, Anna, Brooke, Stephanie and so many others
Dr. Thomas Clanton with The Steadman Clinic
Dr. Scott Wacker with Movement Physical Therapy
Yoga Friends from here and there
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